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Aug 26, 2014

Have you ever feel so morose that you want to vanish from this world, being completely invisible to everyone? Have you ever feel so glum for no apparent reason? Have you ever get demotivated in life until at one point, all you could think of is commiting suicide? So here's the thing.

I do know that people don't choose to be depressed BUT there are always choices for how you react, whether to get over the sadness OR to just let yourself drown in the depression. For a moment, look beyond yourself. You are not the only one one who is unfortunate - someone out there is battling with uncured disease, some lost their parents, that one guy was born blind, a girl was raped to death - in fact, these people are way more unfortunate than you are, you see? So be contented with your life. Things might get rough for now, but remember, there's rainbow after the storm. Yes, you need to fall down several times so that you can pick yourself up until the point you are getting accustomed to the pain.

First thing first, when you are feeling sad and depressed, get a sense and immediately do something to shift the sadness. Do not let those negative emotions swing to extreme. One of the best way is to find someone to let everything out, someone who you are comfortable with. Keeping everything to yourself will just make things even worst, trust me I've been there, done that. If you need to cry, then just cry yourself out as much as you want. It is okay to bawl your eyes out because crying sometimes can help reduce the anxiety ( just be ready to endure the eye-wrecking though :p )

Most importantly, when you are losing direction in life, pray for guidance from The Almighty. Sometimes you may be wondering why God gave you such pain and sadness. But when you hold on and turn to God, you will then realize the hidden blessing of the hardships.  "La Tahzan Innallaha Ma'ana", Don't be sad; indeed, Allah is with us. [Qur'an 9:40]". Know that when you think nobody is there to hold your back, God is there, always there to help you heal the pain. He knows what you are going through so 'talk' to Him. Never stop praying (du'a) as it is the most potent weapon to uplift your spirits and hopes. Have faith!


Well..It is ironic how people can simply give advice to others but when it comes to themselves, everything goes disastrously wrong, isn't it? Goodnight, till then!